Q: What’s the difference between a Logo and a Brand?
A: Man, that’s a question and a half but I’ll try and answer it as best I can. So there’s actually 3 things to talk about here. A Brand is something you always hear, it’s the hot word when it comes to entrepreneurship. Funny thing is that a brand doesn’t singularly have to do with the logo. It’s how your company is perceived by goods and services, not the logo. So it’s how you treat your customers, your employees in some cases, your service, your execution, etc. It’s how folks see you as a company. THAT is your brand.

A Logo is pretty much your visual calling card (some companies have a sound logo such as the T-Mobile jingle). This is the quick reference mascot for who your company is.

The OTHER thing is an identity. This is the logo and all the visual elements for your company. The logo, the stationary, the folders, signage, marketing materials, etc.

I deal with a lot of small businesses and they tend to need a mix of a logo and identity. A typical customer will come to me for a logo, business card, and stationary (for digital and print use).

Q: How much is this going to cost?
A: The ultimate question…and of course this varies. There are tons of factors so I’d much rather hear what you have in mind and formulate a quote instead of dropping flat rates around. However, I put this section here for a reason and I tend to average $375 for my logo design quotes.

Q: What if I want just a logo and that’s it?
A: That’s fine, I create those as well.I’m not going to try and “upsell” you on a brand set up if it’s clear you only need a logo. I value my time and money just as much as you do so I do my best to give you what you need.

Q: I have my logo, I just want the business card designed. Can you do that?
A: SURE. Long as you have the right files (preferably .ai or .pdf files) we should be ready to roll and I can create your card. Price will vary here based on if I’m printing them for you and how many you need, but $50 is about avg for a front and back design, no printing.

Q: Do you handle printing?
A:  I can offer your quote with printing and set up with the same folks I use for my own cards.

Q: When and how do I pay?
A: After we get a quote done and we decide to be partners, half of the quoted price is due up front with the balance due upon completion. I prefer to deal via Paypal and once we’re decide to roll with it, I’ll send the Paypal request.

Q: I’ve seen logos on the web for as low as $50, why are you charging so much more than that? Why should I pay you when I can go to a logo crowd source site and have folks compete for what I want to pay?
A: According to the Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines (2007), logo and branding for a small company should range from $2k – $50k for a small company (clearly, I’m not charging that). I understand how the economy is hurting us, so by all means, if you find a deal that works better with your pockets, go for it. I’m not in the business of competition or just trying on any ideas to see how it looks. My charge is based on me giving you the personal touch that you don’t get with many online services as well as my knowledge in the field. If you want a teal swoosh on your logo in this day and age or just want to see what it will look like, I’m not here to do that. I know that not only is that an old design choice, it’s probably a bad one. You came to me to guide your ideas to create the best mark for your company, that’s what I’m here for. I’m not one to go around saying that I’m better than this designer or that designer and hope that my work speaks for itself.

Q: How many revisions do I get?
A: Like with the pricing, I try to avoid flat quotes on this. If I get a good understanding of what you’re looking for from our talks, I should be able to knock it it with less revisions. This kind of understanding also shows in the quote given. That said, if you are just requesting more revisions, we can quote that out on the front end as well. It’s a case by case basis.

Q: What if we can’t agree on the final product? Do I get a refund?
A: I do my best to make sure to give you what you’re looking for. That said, I work hard on each project and don’t offer refunds. The deposit is what gets the ball rolling. If you’re not happy by the time we get to the final project, then you just don’t pay for the final project and I don’t give you rights to sketches/drafts nor a final file to use and we go our separate ways.

Q: If we don’t agree on that last project, can I take the sketches and drafts to someone else to finish?
A: In the unfortunate event that we can’t agree on the final project, you may be able to purchase the rights to sketches to be completed by someone else, but unless this kind of agreement is made or the final project is paid for, all sketches and drafts are property of the artist.

Q: I don’t see a phone number, how can I reach you?
A: Fill out that contact form for me. I don’t put a number up here because I spend most of my time researching and working on clients work. I like to keep the phone lines open for customers who’ve paid for my services. I tend to be able to shoot off an email reply fairly quickly so feel free and confident to shoot me an email with questions.

Q: Why should I pick you over someone else?
A: It’s not a competition to me. If my style works for you and what you need, let’s make something beautiful. My feeling is to always pick who’s best for your needs. Sure, Designer XYZ is amazing at portraits, doesn’t mean he’s best for your letterform logo. Don’t get wowed by effects and pretty colors, focus on what you need and hire the person that can make that form come to life.