Prices and Services


I look to work with folks’ budgets, but that means you have to have a budget or at least a loose idea of what you can afford for what you want. I try to stay away from flat rates because each project is it’s own entity. A general starting point is around $350 for a logo. Work starts with half of your quoted rate as a deposit. Now like I said, it’s not a flat rate so your actual quote can/will be above or below that based on your needs. By giving that as a starting point, I hope to give a point of reference so we’re not tying each other up in some sort of negotiations.

When working with a client on their logo or brand, I do my best to guide and inform during the process. I’m not the type that is just going to push back because I personally don’t like an idea. I will give my opinion if asked, but if there is a reason why the logo may not be the best idea for the company, THAT’S when I chime in with reasons why I feel that is the case. As much as this logo is about you and your business, it’s also about me making sure I’m helping you communicate your idea effectively, and not just giving you a logo that will need to be updated next year or something that someone else already has.


My services are Logo creation, Business Card/Stationary Design, Brand Engineering, and Brand Marketing.

Logos: Just as it says, this is just me creating a mark or type solution for you or your company. I can incorporate this into letterhead and business cards as an additional purchase.

Business Card / Stationary Design: So you already have your logo but now you want to use it for cards and stationary? Well I can help you there too. I’ll set it up so you have your cards, letterhead and even a digital version if requested.

Brand Engineering: I do research with Logo and Brand Engineering to get an idea of what the competition is doing, the difference here is that I set up guidelines for the use of your logo as well as ready made files for you to send to printers for the requested stationary such as envelopes, folders, postcards, business cards, and letterhead

Brand Marketing: This is for those companies that just don’t like/don’t understand social media such as twitter, facebook, and tumblr. It’s charged per hour and details can be discussed for those interested.

If you have questions or are interested in a quote, feel free to click the contact icon on the left, fill it out, and let me know what you’re looking for and your budget and we can work from there. Hope to hear from you soon!