I worked with JP a few years ago as I was purchasing my own dental practice.  The theme I wanted for my office was of The Hamptons, to play off of my last name.  If you look at my logo, he captured it perfectly! He added blue’s and sands to give the look and feel of being in The Hamptons.  I couldn’t be happier with his expertise, quality, and skill. He listened to what we wanted, did research on the area so that he could capture it, and then presented his masterpiece.  I highly recommend him for all design and branding needs.
- Dr Darian Hampton (The Hamptons Dental)


Pretty simple…3 things stood out…(1) the patience in iterations, (2) the quick turnaround time and (3) the PRICE.  The work speaks for itself…I actually received a request from a local retailer in downtown STL to SELL the shirt the logo adorns.  I know you’ve likely created countless eye-catching designs…but I’d pit the one you designed for me against ANY other out there…one look at it and anyone would know why.
-William (NCA)


Finding JP was a truly a blessing to me. He listened to exactly what I wanted, He made sure the final product was exactly what I had envisioned and his professionalism made me very happy. JP was constantly available to answer any questions I had,  and made me feel like my logo was just as important to him as it was to me. I couldn’t ask for a better person to create a symbol that would represent my business. JP is simply the BEST. From Corporate America to a small business owner he will give you his all. When people ask me “who did your logo?” all I can do is smile and say “JP did it”.  Thanks again JP
- Ernese (Paula Young Photography)